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The Best Mentalism Tricks For Great Mentalist

The Best Mentalism Tricks For Great Mentalist


All About Mentalism And Mentalist Tricks.

One group of people that never fail to impress us and any crowd they happen to perform for, are the mentalists and their mentalism tricks. Unlike magicians, mentalist tricks do not depend on creating visual illusions of physical objects, like the classic “rabbit out of the hat” trick. Mentalists rather make it seem like they possess supernatural sensory powers, or what you might call a sixth, or maybe even seventh, sense.

If you watched a professional mentalist in action, even if you do not believe in supernatural powers, you probably considered the possibilities of that person actually possessing such powers. At least by a slight chance. It is hard to watch someone like Aaron Crow who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and put everybody in awe with his spectacularly light movement and precision, and not suspect him possessing something that we do not.

There are several book written on mentalism that are pretty good reads. Especially to anyone who is interested in learning more about the origins of mentalist and how their tricks work. Check out our top 5 recommended mentalism books here.

Forewarning: If you are looking to dive deeply into mentalism and learn everything there is about the subject, I highly recommend checking out this Click Here! . This is some advanced stuff and will definitly propel you into all there is mentalism. So again Click Here! if you’d like to dive right into all there is to know about mentalism.

A Couple Of Mentalism Tricks To Get You Going

But it would actually astonish you how simple mentalism tricks are. Each and every one of us could train themselves well enough to perform most of these tricks. It is actually a pretty good way to make an impression and capture people’s attention. Here is the explanation for two of the most common mentalism tricks that you can use to impress those around you:

1- Crazy Yes/No Mentalism Card Trick:

This is one of the simplest mentalism tricks that you could come across, yet it always impresses those who witness it. The Trick is simple to perform and wows your audience every time. The best thing about the trick is that it can be done multiple times and it can be done in different ways. Watch the Video to learn more about this mentalism trick.


2- Another Cool Mentalist Card Trick:

This is another card trick, but this one is more of a mind game. For this one little prep is needed and is sure to amaze your crowd. Check it out in the video down below.

3- Basic Mind Control Mentalist Techniques

Every mentalist should have some sort of mentalism tricks up there sleeves. That’s what mentalism is all about anyways, right? It’s about seeming like you are getting into someone’s head and getting a result that you want. All without your audience knowing. So check out the video below to start your mentalist arsenal.


How Does Mentalism Work?

So how does mentalism work? The most important part, and which is the actual secret behind mentalism tricks, is using the right attitude, knowing how to affect your audience’s thoughts correctly, and how to deviate their attention. You basically have to make them suspect deep inside that you might actually be in possession of supernatural powers.

Top Magic Tricks Of All Time

Top Magic Tricks Of All Time

The Top 8 Magic Tricks Of All Time

8. David Blaine’s Frozen In Time

David Blaine is much more than a magician. A lot of his tricks require tremendous amounts of discipline. Especially his frozen in time stunt. In November of the year 2000, Davis spent more than 63 hours within a block of ice. It was a crazy feat that put David Blaine on the map.


7. Darren Brown’s Smoke

Darren Brown is a highly recognized mentalist. His trick “smoke” was one of his most famous mentalism tricks/ card magic ever. In this trick he ask his target to select a card at random. Then he reads her mind to find the card, but he doesn’t stop there. He takes out a cigarette to smoke and then the cigarette magically turns into the card. Pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself.


6. Penn And Teller’s Double Bullet Catch

Penn and Teller Have taken the Bullet Catch Trick a step further with this one. The original bullet catch is usually done when one magician has someone shoot a bullet into their mouth, which they usually catch in between their teeth. Penn and Teller on the other hand shot bullets into each other’s mouth simultaneously. Watch the video and judge for yourself how amazing this trick is.


5. Chris Angel’s Levitation

Chris Angel Has done many amazing and unique magic tricks. His levitation trick is by far the most unique. Chris’ levitation trick was one of the first to be performed in front of an audience. Not only that but he also takes it a step further and levitates from building to building. Pretty cool huh?


4. Houdini’s Metamorphosis

Probably the most famous magicians ever, Houdini has many tricks and is infamous for being the first to do many magic tricks. One of his most famous is the Metamorphosis. Houdini would get locked into a trunk and in three seconds switch places with his wife behind a curtain. 3 Seconds is amazing and very hard to do. Pendragons did it even better. Watch for yourself.


3. Dollars Into Hundreds

Again David Blaine astounds and amazes his audience. In this cool and useful trick, David takes 5 one dollar bills from his audience and turns them into hundred dollar bills, right in front of their eyes. I sure wish I could do that.


2 and 1. David Copperfield

David copperfeild deserves the number 1 and 2 spot with the worlds best illusions ever. The first being 13 and the second being portal. Each trick deserves to be watched. So with out further ado.




Best Books On Mentalism For Mentalist

Best Books On Mentalism For Mentalist

 Top 5 Books From Beginner To Master Mentalist.

Books hold keys to knowledge in anything and everything this world has to offer. I am a firm believer in reading to gain knowledge. Whenever one needs to gain information on a subject, all one needs to do is read. Books date back thousands of years, they are a way for people to share their stories and document what they have learned. So picking up a book is the best thing you could ever do for yourself if you ever need knowledge. Learn from people who have already made the mistakes and who have mastered whatever it is that you are wanting to learn. In this case we are speaking about mentalism books.

Down below I have suggested the top 5 books that will get you to the level of an absolute beginner to the level of a pro. Find your talent level, or maybe even the level you’d like to be at and get the reading. I gave you a little summary on each and a link to where you can find each book. With that being said I hope you enjoy.


1. For Beginner Mentalist- MENTALISM: The Absolute Beginners Guide To Mentalism

The name says it all. This mentalism book is for the absolute beginner. It gives great insight into mentalism and is for the absolute beginner. It isn’t a hard read and anyone who can read English will be able to understand. So if you are just getting started out in mentalism this is the book for you. Check It out Here.

2. For The Intermediate Mentalist- 13 Steps To Mentalism

This book is an absolute essential on any mentalsit book shelf. It’s a great mentalist books that covers all the basics in depth. It’s a great read that gives the reader great information and secrets on mentalism. It can also be used as a reference once you have read it. So if you haven’t grabbed it yet, do not wait any longer. Grab it here.

3. For The Advanced Mentalist- What Every BODY is Saying

So this book plus the following two I would recommend to master mentalist. Reason for that is because this book as well as the next 2 will help you sharpen and master the skills needed to be a true mentalist. This book was written by an ex FBI agent and is meant to help people read others body language. Reading someones body language is a great skill to have if you want to become a true mentalist. On a side note it also helps in other areas of life as well. So grab this book if you haven’t already. Check it out here.

4. Cold Reading- Cold Reading – How To Become A Good Mentalist

Somewhat related to body language, cold reading is all about body language as well as emotion. If you can read someones body language effectively as well as take notes of their emotional state, then being able to know what they are thinking comes naturally. This book goes into great depth on cold reading and how to master it. Pick yourself up a copy Here.

5. A Must Have- Practical Mental Magic

mentalism books

If you don’t own it already then you are not a master. Along with the 13 steps to mentalism, this book is a must have. Aside from the creepy cover page, this book provides a lot of good content. It’s very unique because the author gives the reader insights on how he taught mentalism. Check this book out here.

Easy And Cool Mind Reading Tricks

Easy And Cool Mind Reading Tricks

What is cooler than being able to read someone’s mind? Ok Ok I can think of a couple of things that are cooler, but still it’s an amazing thing when a Magician or Mentalist can make it seem as if they can read someone’s mind. Mind reading tricks have been around for decades and to anyone’s surprise, some aren’t to hard to perform. Whether you are completely new to magic or you are a professional mentalist, there are mind reading tricks for people of all experience levels. Down below I have outlined some of the easiest mind reading tricks to perform. They all take some practice but are very achievable.

Impossible Mind Reading Card Trick

This is a very super cool mind reading trick that is easy to perform. It takes a bit of preparation but once it’s all set up, this magic trick can really wow your audience. Watch the video down below to learn more.


Simple Psychic Mind Reading Trick

This is such a simple trick to perform, yet it amazes many people. It’s a trick that requires very little preperation and can be done on a moments notice. So watch the video down below to learn some more.


The Artsy Mind Reading Trick

With this super cool and unique trick not only can you read your targets mind but you can also figure out whatever information you would like. This mind reading magic trick is one of my personal favorites because it requires very little preparation and can be done to anyone anywhere. Check it out for yourself.


The Barnum Effect Mind Reading

So this isn’t a single trick. This is more of a technique you can use to help you pick up information from a target. The Barnum effect is based around a series of questions or statements that most people can and will relate to. Using the Barnum effect, you can create mind reading tricks of your own. Try it on yourself to see how effective it is. Watch a simple video on how Darren Brown uses the Barnum effect on different people. Also you can find more info on cold reading and the Barnum effect in our mentalism books page.


Very Simple And Effective Mind Reading Trick

This Trick is very simple. Super simple indeed. You have your target think of a word as you pretend to read their mind and write the word down on a paper. You then ask them to reveal the word to you, and as they do this you are using a very small pen point to write the word down on the pad in front of you. Watch the video for more details.

The Truth About Mentalism

The Truth About Mentalism

What Is Mentalism?

Mentalism is a technique used by a group of professional performers called Mentalist. The techniques or tricks used in mentalism are a broad group of multiple tricks that make up the field. Mind Reading, Card tricks, Predictions, and many more are all considered to be mentalism tricks. These tricks are all performed by Magicians and Mentalist alike.


How Does It Work?

The art of mentalism is centered all around the mind. The human mind is a complex organ that has so many secrets. Mentalist take advantage of the mind and manipulate it to get any type of information they require. Their are countless techniques used in order to perform the given task. You have cold reading, hot reading, and Barnum statements to just name a few. There are thousands of skills and techniques that can be learned in order to draw information from the mind unsuspectingly. When these skills are implemented the magician or mentalist gains specific information from their targets. This newly found information is then used to either gather more information or make it seem as if they are reading ones mind.

The techniques used in Mentalism aren’t only used by magicians. They’re used by detectives, psychiatrist, therapist, doctors and many other professions. Mentalism is a skill that was originally developed through science. Magicians have adopted mentalism into a form of entertainment.



You can learn mentalism and even master it through practice.  If you practice the techniques consistently you can be proficient in no time. Here on our website we have plenty of helpful books and information to help you become a great mentalist. So get out there and get the learning.

Top Magician Secrets

Top Magician Secrets

Magicians are mysterious in the fact that what they do sometimes may look mystical and explainable. Good Magicians have many skills and techniques up their sleeves at any given time. Mentalism tricks, card magic, levitation tricks and disappearing acts are to name a few. From pulling a bunny out of a hat to reading your mind, these tricks always seem to wow audiences everywhere around the world. Today we will be going over some of the biggest secrets magicians use to make their tricks seem like magic.


#1. Houdini’s Metamorphosis

Premiering in 1894, Metamorphosis was a trick where Houdini  would usually switch places with his wife. He would lock himself in a trunk with 6 padlocks and cuff himself as well. His wife would then roll him behind curtains and close the curtains. Usually three seconds later, Houdini would open the curtains himself, roll out the trunk, and his wife would be locked inside. This is an amazing trick, and is still hard to believe that it was performed in 3 seconds.

How It’s Done:

This trick was a very simple trick. As Houdini was put into the cloth bag, he would already be getting out of the handcuffs. Once he was placed into the trunk, he would easily slip out of the bag, and once the trunk was pushed behind curtains, he would then slip out of a rear door in the trunk. When his wife would close the curtains, all she would have to do is slide into the trunk. Then Houdini would lift the curtain and slide the trunk out. As he was sliding the trunk out, his wife would be inside cuffing herself. Making it seem as if they switched places.


#2. The Bullet Catch

The bullet catch is more on the dangerous stunt move side than it it magic. Many magicians have tried the trick, and many have failed and succeeded. Failure usually ends in death or a major injury. Either way, it is a very heart pounding and cool trick. The magician usually has someone shoot a bullet into his or her mouth, which he then catches in between his teeth or a cup held in his mouth.

How It’s Done: 

Simple. No bullet is never fired. The gun they use to fire uses a blank. The magician has the bullet tucked away in his mouth the whole time. It’s that simple. The magician usually dresses the trick up a bit to make it look spectacular, but it’s really that simple. Check out more info on famous bullet catches here.

Derren Brown’s Secrets Revealed

Derren Brown’s Secrets Revealed

Derren Brown is a professional Mentalist/Magician who is known for his mind reading tricks. Mr. Brown has had major success in Europe using is mentalism tricks to astonish and amaze his audiences. Even though some of his tricks may seem like he has some type of supernatural abilities, a lot of his mentalism tricks can be explained through two simple techniques, cold reading and hot reading.


Cold Reading

Cold reading is a technique used to pick up on information from any given person. It is made up of a series of small detailed phrases, statements and questions. Using the statements, the mentalist or magician listens or watches for reactions and responses to gather information on it’s target. The information gathered the mentalist is able to make educated predictions into a persons life that are usually true.

derren brown There are multiple ways to use cold reading as a means to do mentalism tricks. One thing that should be noted about cold reading techniques is that the person using them needs to be able to react and think quickly. Derren Brown is a professional who has much practice. He is able to quickly act on his feet because of his experience with his career. Using cold reading and hot reading techniques, Derren makes is seem as if he has super natural abilities.


Hot Reading

Hot reading is when a Mentalist or Magician uses information that has been previously gathered on his/her given target, to make predictions or statements about the person. For instance you may know my brother and he may tell you my mothers name, my birth date, and the city I was born in. So if you were to approach me and I have no knowledge of you knowing my brother, you will be able to amaze me with ease. This is just one example of hot reading, there are many other techniques associated with it.

Derren uses different forms of hot reading techniques to mystify his audiences. In the video below you can see a prime example of how Mr. Brown uses his techniques to make it seem as if he is reading his targets mind. The whole trick was orchestrated and put together hours before it was actually performed.

As you can see, this is a form of hot reading and previous preparation. When all put together, it’s quite amazing how It’s all done. Derren Brown is a professional and even though he is not a real wizard of any sort, he truly is an amazing performer.

How To Become A Mentalist

How To Become A Mentalist

Mentalism Is a form of magic that has been around for many years in one form or another. There have been many popular mentalist over the last couple of decades including Derren Brown, David Blaine, and Chris Angel. With the popularity of the internet and viral videos growing, more and more people have been aspiring to become a mentalist. So in today’s post we will be going over some steps you should take in order to become a great mentalist very soon.


Step #1. Cold Reading

The first step to becoming a mentalist is learning the art of cold reading. Cold reading is when a mentalist uses either verbal responses or physical cues to pick up information from a specific target. There are several different techniques that one can do to use cold reading effectively. You can check out a couple of our pages where we go more intto depth on cold reading techniques and trick. Check out our page on mentalism tricks, as well as our best mentalism books page, which has offers a book on cold reading. Both pages offer more information on cold reading techniques.


Step #2. Listening

Listening and really paying attention to what your target is saying or the way they are reacting is very crucial. It goes hand in hand with cold reading. Mentalist make it seem as if they are in your head, or as if they know who you are with out really ever have gotten to know you. This is done thru cold reading techniques as well as watching the way your target reacts to certain statements. You need to practice how to catch little details. These details will give you hints on what to do or say next.


Step #3. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Becoming a mentalist is not easy at first, but once you practice and get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. There are plenty of books on mentalism as well as courses and videos. Do your research and your studying. After you have read the 5 main books we recommend and you have practiced all of the concepts in each book, you will be on your way to being an established mentalist.

The truth about mentalist and mentalism is that all of the great mentalist out there have practiced there craft and have perfected their techniques. Once cold reading comes second nature to you, you will soon feel how powerful and magical it can actually be.

Chris Angel Fork Bending Explained

Chris Angel Fork Bending Explained

If you have ever seen any of Chris Angels Show’s or even watched any of his YouTube videos you probably have asked yourself this question. How on earth does he do that? I know I have before. From levitation to making elephants appear out of thin air, Chris Angel has done some pretty cool and unique tricks in the past. Today we will be going over the fork bending trick he does. It is a trick that is simple to perform and takes little practice to master. To top it off the magic trick itself seems to astonish many people. So with out further ado let’s get to it.


The Prep

To start things off your going to need to prep your trick. The prep for this specific trick is very simple. All you need is a cheap and easy to bend fork, and a decent pitch, that’s it!


The Pitch

So once you have your cheap and inexpensive fork that is easy to bend, you will find yourself a target, or you can always practice in the mirror. First thing you need to do is practice your pitch, or your introduction. You can start off by asking your target if they believe in mentalism or telekinesis. Doesn’t matter what their response is. Now grab the fork and tell them to hold it tightly, and say something like wouldn’t it be cool if you could bend this fork using only your mind. Now that you have their interest, you say some magic words or snap your finger. Tell them to open their hands. Now obviously  the fork will not be bent, so now you need to use something to distract them as you take the fork from their hands. This is usually a joke of some sort. Say something like ” Well I guess I’m not that good”. Something along those magical lines will do the trick.


The Trick

Now that you have distracted them, start to bend the fork while they are distracted. Once the fork is bent, Start to wave it rapidly in front of them and say that you are now going to bend the fork yourself. If you wave the fork just right, they will not be able to see the bent fork. So now all you do is slow the waving down and let your audience be amazed.

That’s All there is to Chris Angel’s Fork bend. Chris is a great Magician/Mentalist and most of his greatness comes from his actual verbal and physical performance. It’s the way that Chris sets up the trick and pretends to actually use mentalism to do magic. The trick it self isn’t really impressive, but it’s more the way the performer sells the trick that gets the audience going. I left a video down below for a better detailed explanation of the trick.


Introduction To Hypnosis

Introduction To Hypnosis

We Will Enter The Fascinating World Of Hypnosis

Today I wanted to talk about hypnosis. Is it magic? Well the answer to that question it quite subjective to a persons personal opinion of what magic really is. Some people truly believe magic exist and others believe it is a form of a trick. I personally believe in the aspect of magic being somewhat centered around two things. The first being a series of tricks performed. The second being science. I believe that magic is science that the ordinary person doesn’t understand. Which brings us back to hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a subject, like magic, that some people tend to believe it is real and others think it is fake. Again I believe hypnosis is science that some people do not understand. Hypnosis has to do with the brain, stimulating certain areas of the brain. The brain is a complicated mechanism that the human race does not 100% comprehend. I believe that hypnotism targets certain areas of the brain, that when all comes together seems like magic. Down below I have a video from a tedx talk performed at Queens University. Listen to how the hypnotist explains it and then make judgments for yourself.

How Can You Add Hypnotism To Your Arsenal?

There are many things one can imagine to do with hypnotism. I do personally believe tho that it works on specific individuals. As the Speaker said in the video, It tends to work on those who are imaginative. This is probably because of the fact that those who are more imaginative are more inviting to the “strange” and “explainable” things that are with in our realm of living.

I have added a link down below to show you where you can learn more about becoming a hypnotist. Hypnosis is performed all over the world by magicians and performers of all types. Mentalist are known for being hypnotist as well. It is an amazing subject to dive deeper into and the benefits will pay off if you can master and understand how it all works.