Best Books On Mentalism For Mentalist

Best Books On Mentalism For Mentalist

 Top 5 Books From Beginner To Master Mentalist.

Books hold keys to knowledge in anything and everything this world has to offer. I am a firm believer in reading to gain knowledge. Whenever one needs to gain information on a subject, all one needs to do is read. Books date back thousands of years, they are a way for people to share their stories and document what they have learned. So picking up a book is the best thing you could ever do for yourself if you ever need knowledge. Learn from people who have already made the mistakes and who have mastered whatever it is that you are wanting to learn. In this case we are speaking about mentalism books.

Down below I have suggested the top 5 books that will get you to the level of an absolute beginner to the level of a pro. Find your talent level, or maybe even the level you’d like to be at and get the reading. I gave you a little summary on each and a link to where you can find each book. With that being said I hope you enjoy.


1. For Beginner Mentalist- MENTALISM: The Absolute Beginners Guide To Mentalism

The name says it all. This mentalism book is for the absolute beginner. It gives great insight into mentalism and is for the absolute beginner. It isn’t a hard read and anyone who can read English will be able to understand. So if you are just getting started out in mentalism this is the book for you. Check It out Here.

2. For The Intermediate Mentalist- 13 Steps To Mentalism

This book is an absolute essential on any mentalsit book shelf. It’s a great mentalist books that covers all the basics in depth. It’s a great read that gives the reader great information and secrets on mentalism. It can also be used as a reference once you have read it. So if you haven’t grabbed it yet, do not wait any longer. Grab it here.

3. For The Advanced Mentalist- What Every BODY is Saying

So this book plus the following two I would recommend to master mentalist. Reason for that is because this book as well as the next 2 will help you sharpen and master the skills needed to be a true mentalist. This book was written by an ex FBI agent and is meant to help people read others body language. Reading someones body language is a great skill to have if you want to become a true mentalist. On a side note it also helps in other areas of life as well. So grab this book if you haven’t already. Check it out here.

4. Cold Reading- Cold Reading – How To Become A Good Mentalist

Somewhat related to body language, cold reading is all about body language as well as emotion. If you can read someones body language effectively as well as take notes of their emotional state, then being able to know what they are thinking comes naturally. This book goes into great depth on cold reading and how to master it. Pick yourself up a copy Here.

5. A Must Have- Practical Mental Magic

mentalism books

If you don’t own it already then you are not a master. Along with the 13 steps to mentalism, this book is a must have. Aside from the creepy cover page, this book provides a lot of good content. It’s very unique because the author gives the reader insights on how he taught mentalism. Check this book out here.

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