The Best Mentalism Tricks For Great Mentalist

The Best Mentalism Tricks For Great Mentalist


All About Mentalism And Mentalist Tricks.

One group of people that never fail to impress us and any crowd they happen to perform for, are the mentalists and their mentalism tricks. Unlike magicians, mentalist tricks do not depend on creating visual illusions of physical objects, like the classic “rabbit out of the hat” trick. Mentalists rather make it seem like they possess supernatural sensory powers, or what you might call a sixth, or maybe even seventh, sense.

If you watched a professional mentalist in action, even if you do not believe in supernatural powers, you probably considered the possibilities of that person actually possessing such powers. At least by a slight chance. It is hard to watch someone like Aaron Crow who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and put everybody in awe with his spectacularly light movement and precision, and not suspect him possessing something that we do not.

There are several book written on mentalism that are pretty good reads. Especially to anyone who is interested inĀ learning more about the origins of mentalist and how their tricks work. Check out our top 5 recommended mentalism books here.

Forewarning: If you are looking to dive deeply into mentalism and learn everything there is about the subject, I highly recommend checking out this Click Here! . This is some advanced stuff and will definitly propel you into all there is mentalism. So againĀ Click Here! if you’d like to dive right into all there is to know about mentalism.

A Couple Of Mentalism Tricks To Get You Going

But it would actually astonish you how simple mentalism tricks are. Each and every one of us could train themselves well enough to perform most of these tricks. It is actually a pretty good way to make an impression and capture people’s attention. Here is the explanation for two of the most common mentalism tricks that you can use to impress those around you:

1- Crazy Yes/No Mentalism Card Trick:

This is one of the simplest mentalism tricks that you could come across, yet it always impresses those who witness it. The Trick is simple to perform and wows your audience every time. The best thing about the trick is that it can be done multiple times and it can be done in different ways. Watch the Video to learn more about this mentalism trick.


2- Another Cool Mentalist Card Trick:

This is another card trick, but this one is more of a mind game. For this one little prep is needed and is sure to amaze your crowd. Check it out in the video down below.

3- Basic Mind Control Mentalist Techniques

Every mentalist should have some sort of mentalism tricks up there sleeves. That’s what mentalism is all about anyways, right? It’s about seeming like you are getting into someone’s head and getting a result that you want. All without your audience knowing. So check out the video below to start your mentalist arsenal.


How Does Mentalism Work?

So how does mentalism work? The most important part, and which is the actual secret behind mentalism tricks, is using the right attitude, knowing how to affect your audience’s thoughts correctly, and how to deviate their attention. You basically have to make them suspect deep inside that you might actually be in possession of supernatural powers.

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