Chris Angel Fork Bending Explained

Chris Angel Fork Bending Explained

If you have ever seen any of Chris Angels Show’s or even watched any of his YouTube videos you probably have asked yourself this question. How on earth does he do that? I know I have before. From levitation to making elephants appear out of thin air, Chris Angel has done some pretty cool and unique tricks in the past. Today we will be going over the fork bending trick he does. It is a trick that is simple to perform and takes little practice to master. To top it off the magic trick itself seems to astonish many people. So with out further ado let’s get to it.


The Prep

To start things off your going to need to prep your trick. The prep for this specific trick is very simple. All you need is a cheap and easy to bend fork, and a decent pitch, that’s it!


The Pitch

So once you have your cheap and inexpensive fork that is easy to bend, you will find yourself a target, or you can always practice in the mirror. First thing you need to do is practice your pitch, or your introduction. You can start off by asking your target if they believe in mentalism or telekinesis. Doesn’t matter what their response is. Now grab the fork and tell them to hold it tightly, and say something like wouldn’t it be cool if you could bend this fork using only your mind. Now that you have their interest, you say some magic words or snap your finger. Tell them to open their hands. Now obviously  the fork will not be bent, so now you need to use something to distract them as you take the fork from their hands. This is usually a joke of some sort. Say something like ” Well I guess I’m not that good”. Something along those magical lines will do the trick.


The Trick

Now that you have distracted them, start to bend the fork while they are distracted. Once the fork is bent, Start to wave it rapidly in front of them and say that you are now going to bend the fork yourself. If you wave the fork just right, they will not be able to see the bent fork. So now all you do is slow the waving down and let your audience be amazed.

That’s All there is to Chris Angel’s Fork bend. Chris is a great Magician/Mentalist and most of his greatness comes from his actual verbal and physical performance. It’s the way that Chris sets up the trick and pretends to actually use mentalism to do magic. The trick it self isn’t really impressive, but it’s more the way the performer sells the trick that gets the audience going. I left a video down below for a better detailed explanation of the trick.


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