Derren Brown’s Secrets Revealed

Derren Brown’s Secrets Revealed

Derren Brown is a professional Mentalist/Magician who is known for his mind reading tricks. Mr. Brown has had major success in Europe using is mentalism tricks to astonish and amaze his audiences. Even though some of his tricks may seem like he has some type of supernatural abilities, a lot of his mentalism tricks can be explained through two simple techniques, cold reading and hot reading.


Cold Reading

Cold reading is a technique used to pick up on information from any given person. It is made up of a series of small detailed phrases, statements and questions. Using the statements, the mentalist or magician listens or watches for reactions and responses to gather information on it’s target. The information gathered the mentalist is able to make educated predictions into a persons life that are usually true.

derren brown There are multiple ways to use cold reading as a means to do mentalism tricks. One thing that should be noted about cold reading techniques is that the person using them needs to be able to react and think quickly. Derren Brown is a professional who has much practice. He is able to quickly act on his feet because of his experience with his career. Using cold reading and hot reading techniques, Derren makes is seem as if he has super natural abilities.


Hot Reading

Hot reading is when a Mentalist or Magician uses information that has been previously gathered on his/her given target, to make predictions or statements about the person. For instance you may know my brother and he may tell you my mothers name, my birth date, and the city I was born in. So if you were to approach me and I have no knowledge of you knowing my brother, you will be able to amaze me with ease. This is just one example of hot reading, there are many other techniques associated with it.

Derren uses different forms of hot reading techniques to mystify his audiences. In the video below you can see a prime example of how Mr. Brown uses his techniques to make it seem as if he is reading his targets mind. The whole trick was orchestrated and put together hours before it was actually performed.

As you can see, this is a form of hot reading and previous preparation. When all put together, it’s quite amazing how It’s all done. Derren Brown is a professional and even though he is not a real wizard of any sort, he truly is an amazing performer.

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