Easy And Cool Mind Reading Tricks

Easy And Cool Mind Reading Tricks

What is cooler than being able to read someone’s mind? Ok Ok I can think of a couple of things that are cooler, but still it’s an amazing thing when a Magician or Mentalist can make it seem as if they can read someone’s mind. Mind reading tricks have been around for decades and to anyone’s surprise, someĀ aren’t to hard to perform. Whether you are completely new to magic or you are a professional mentalist, there are mind reading tricks for people of all experience levels. Down below I have outlined some of the easiest mind reading tricks to perform. They all take some practice but are very achievable.

Impossible Mind Reading Card Trick

This is a very super cool mind reading trick that is easy to perform. It takes a bit of preparation but once it’s all set up, this magic trick can really wow your audience. Watch the video down below to learn more.


Simple Psychic Mind Reading Trick

This is such a simple trick to perform, yet it amazes many people. It’s a trick that requires very little preperation and can be done on a moments notice. So watch the video down below to learn some more.


The Artsy Mind Reading Trick

With this super cool and unique trick not only can you read your targets mind but you can also figure out whatever information you would like. This mind reading magic trick is one of my personal favorites because it requires very little preparation and can be done to anyone anywhere. Check it out for yourself.


The Barnum Effect Mind Reading

So this isn’t a single trick. This is more of a technique you can use to help you pick up information from a target. The Barnum effect is based around a series of questions or statements that most people can and will relate to. Using the Barnum effect, you can create mind reading tricks of your own. Try it on yourself to see how effective it is. Watch a simple video on how Darren Brown uses the Barnum effect on different people. Also you can find more info on cold reading and the Barnum effect in our mentalism books page.


Very Simple And Effective Mind Reading Trick

This Trick is very simple. Super simple indeed. You have your target think of a word as you pretend to read their mind and write the word down on a paper. You then ask them to reveal the word to you, and as they do this you are using a very small pen point to write the word down on the pad in front of you. Watch the video for more details.

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