How To Become A Mentalist

How To Become A Mentalist

Mentalism Is a form of magic that has been around for many years in one form or another. There have been many popular mentalist over the last couple of decades including Derren Brown, David Blaine, and Chris Angel. With the popularity of the internet and viral videos growing, more and more people have been aspiring to become a mentalist. So in today’s post we will be going over some steps you should take in order to become a great mentalist very soon.


Step #1. Cold Reading

The first step to becoming a mentalist is learning the art of cold reading. Cold reading is when a mentalist uses either verbal responses or physical cues to pick up information from a specific target. There are several different techniques that one can do to use cold reading effectively. You can check out a couple of our pages where we go more intto depth on cold reading techniques and trick. Check out our page on mentalism tricks, as well as our best mentalism books page, which has offers a book on cold reading. Both pages offer more information on cold reading techniques.


Step #2. Listening

Listening and really paying attention to what your target is saying or the way they are reacting is very crucial. It goes hand in hand with cold reading. Mentalist make it seem as if they are in your head, or as if they know who you are with out really ever have gotten to know you. This is done thru cold reading techniques as well as watching the way your target reacts to certain statements. You need to practice how to catch little details. These details will give you hints on what to do or say next.


Step #3. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Becoming a mentalist is not easy at first, but once you practice and get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. There are plenty of books on mentalism as well as courses and videos. Do your research and your studying. After you have read the 5 main books we recommend and you have practiced all of the concepts in each book, you will be on your way to being an established mentalist.

The truth about mentalist and mentalism is that all of the great mentalist out there have practiced there craft and have perfected their techniques. Once cold reading comes second nature to you, you will soon feel how powerful and magical it can actually be.

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