Introduction To Hypnosis

Introduction To Hypnosis

We Will Enter The Fascinating World Of Hypnosis

Today I wanted to talk about hypnosis. Is it magic? Well the answer to that question it quite subjective to a persons personal opinion of what magic really is. Some people truly believe magic exist and others believe it is a form of a trick. I personally believe in the aspect of magic being somewhat centered around two things. The first being a series of tricks performed. The second being science. I believe that magic is science that the ordinary person doesn’t understand. Which brings us back to hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a subject, like magic, that some people tend to believe it is real and others think it is fake. Again I believe hypnosis is science that some people do not understand. Hypnosis has to do with the brain, stimulating certain areas of the brain. The brain is a complicated mechanism that the human race does not 100% comprehend. I believe that hypnotism targets certain areas of the brain, that when all comes together seems like magic. Down below I have a video from a tedx talk performed at Queens University. Listen to how the hypnotist explains it and then make judgments for yourself.

How Can You Add Hypnotism To Your Arsenal?

There are many things one can imagine to do with hypnotism. I do personally believe tho that it works on specific individuals. As the Speaker said in the video, It tends to work on those who are imaginative. This is probably because of the fact that those who are more imaginative are more inviting to the “strange” and “explainable” things that are with in our realm of living.

I have added a link down below to show you where you can learn more about becoming a hypnotist. Hypnosis is performed all over the world by magicians and performers of all types. Mentalist are known for being hypnotist as well. It is an amazing subject to dive deeper into and the benefits will pay off if you can master and understand how it all works.


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