The Truth About Mentalism

The Truth About Mentalism

What Is Mentalism?

Mentalism is a technique used by a group of professional performers called Mentalist. The techniques or tricks used in mentalism are a broad group of multiple tricks that make up the field. Mind Reading, Card tricks, Predictions, and many more are all considered to be mentalism tricks. These tricks are all performed by Magicians and Mentalist alike.


How Does It Work?

The art of mentalism is centered all around the mind. The human mind is a complex organ that has so many secrets. Mentalist take advantage of the mind and manipulate it to get any type of information they require. Their are countless techniques used in order to perform the given task. You have cold reading, hot reading, and Barnum statements to just name a few. There are thousands of skills and techniques that can be learned in order to draw information from the mind unsuspectingly. When these skills are implemented the magician or mentalist gains specific information from their targets. This newly found information is then used to either gather more information or make it seem as if they are reading ones mind.

The techniques used in Mentalism aren’t only used by magicians. They’re used by detectives, psychiatrist, therapist, doctors and many other professions. Mentalism is a skill that was originally developed through science. Magicians have adopted mentalism into a form of entertainment.



You can learn mentalism and even master it through practice.  If you practice the techniques consistently you can be proficient in no time. Here on our website we have plenty of helpful books and information to help you become a great mentalist. So get out there and get the learning.

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