Top Magic Tricks Of All Time

Top Magic Tricks Of All Time

The Top 8 Magic Tricks Of All Time

8. David Blaine’s Frozen In Time

David Blaine is much more than a magician. A lot of his tricks require tremendous amounts of discipline. Especially his frozen in time stunt. In November of the year 2000, Davis spent more than 63 hours within a block of ice. It was a crazy feat that put David Blaine on the map.


7. Darren Brown’s Smoke

Darren Brown is a highly recognized mentalist. His trick “smoke” was one of his most famous mentalism tricks/ card magic ever. In this trick he ask his target to select a card at random. Then he reads her mind to find the card, but he doesn’t stop there. He takes out a cigarette to smoke and then the cigarette magically turns into the card. Pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself.


6. Penn And Teller’s Double Bullet Catch

Penn and Teller Have taken the Bullet Catch Trick a step further with this one. The original bullet catch is usually done when one magician has someone shoot a bullet into their mouth, which they usually catch in between their teeth. Penn and Teller on the other hand shot bullets into each other’s mouth simultaneously. Watch the video and judge for yourself how amazing this trick is.


5. Chris Angel’s Levitation

Chris Angel Has done many amazing and unique magic tricks. His levitation trick is by far the most unique. Chris’ levitation trick was one of the first to be performed in front of an audience. Not only that but he also takes it a step further and levitates from building to building. Pretty cool huh?


4. Houdini’s Metamorphosis

Probably the most famous magicians ever, Houdini has many tricks and is infamous for being the first to do many magic tricks. One of his most famous is the Metamorphosis. Houdini would get locked into a trunk and in three seconds switch places with his wife behind a curtain. 3 Seconds is amazing and very hard to do. Pendragons did it even better. Watch for yourself.


3. Dollars Into Hundreds

Again David Blaine astounds and amazes his audience. In this cool and useful trick, David takes 5 one dollar bills from his audience and turns them into hundred dollar bills, right in front of their eyes. I sure wish I could do that.


2 and 1. David Copperfield

David copperfeild deserves the number 1 and 2 spot with the worlds best illusions ever. The first being 13 and the second being portal. Each trick deserves to be watched. So with out further ado.




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